Parthenon West Review

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Issue 5

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Gloria Frym

from Mind Over Matter

Achilles had his way and sat through
The Age of Rage without writing
An epic later told on him
Nobody pulled his words
Through the ancestral light
The dream listens and goes
Dawn came early, a palmetto of rose
Poetry isn’t kidding it likes to fool around
Helen left without a note
All the longhaired Greeks knew
Poetry follows curves in the road
Writing in the sky
Beauty by surprise

Happiness has little to tell
From it one can watch
Others with attention   the world
Becomes serene and present
Now is always a rural moment
Until some wise guy comes along
What are your plans for poetry? Jack Spicer
Asked Joanne Kyger a young bud in white gloves
She pulled them off got right to work
This being grown up is being not quite
Yourself someone else I used to imagine
See how the winds blow the words in and out
Of our mouths? See how we rehearse how
To meet the beloved      the poem that becomes

If something needs to be said why not try poetry?
It leads you to hold on and grab
The warm winds of here while you’re busy fearing
The cold air of anywhere else
I want to be around great minds and have fun
A good plan to take to the State
The gods rarely change
The table is crooked because the floor is slanted
The whole place rests on a crack between
Then and now      are you tectonic enough to rough
The shift      juggled plates rarely fall in the hands of
The collective willing    only the newcomer grabbing
A cup trips on his way to acclaim
Stake in the territory private propriety never
Granted to his kind before      Oh love
Leads to how and grace
The unheard of breach of faith not
Feigned feeling to fill other vacancies

Plumbing is just one subject poetry can’t fix
Language serves cells in motion ‘member when
They called roll you said here or present raised
Your unwrinkled hand on demand of teacher teacher
Either you loved or hated her hair
Either she gave you Keats on a plate
Or Yeats she’d just learned to pronounce
Like Gates not Bill then only Heaven
Love’s not love that alteration finds
So melodramatical so true to your hearted mind
Romeod Julieted to death romance the trance
Of language you couldn’t know how much
Such beauty might carry a life

One Button Checkup a stethoscope
On winter fall summer
But immemorial spring makes poetry
Let sleeping dears lie among the clumped bamboo
No lyric dies of plot disease
Historians! Read Herodotus for true
Tales of what news in Greece
Citizens of Lesbos agreed the safe carriage of
Arion on the dolphin’s back
Second to none lyre-player     dithyramb
Throats feet poetry taught the chorus how to
Sing amends
Watch it Helen
Men are dogs’ best friends

Did you hear about outsourcing libraries
Bookish globalists with what kind of ideas
These lines admit members and non-members
No other card borrows so many centuries
Alexandria did you check out your newest acquisitions
Uttered long time no      scroll down
Catalogues of past lives
Centuries without lyric only
Theory speeches numbers fumbling pages
Downpayments      please report to the future
What happened now and here
The words assemble to say
Where is the yes that ends every book